From an impressive field of backgrounds and styles, we favor Burval…

The Daily Herald

These days we are placing particular value upon the integrity, intelligence, and especially the civility of our elected officials on national as well as local levels. Brent captures all of these far too uncommon attributes along with a most personable affect to present us with a welcome opportunity to vote for a person of particular substance.

This native son of Barrington will give our community a person of humility and thoughtful perspective as to our unique community. Along with his depth of understanding as to the special nature and history of Barrington Hills, Brent cares deeply about this, his home. Brent is a good man who deserves our support.  Barrington Hills will find no better representative.

– Dr. Jim Voris (resident)

Brent is just great! He is a very smart, caring, genuine person who really listens when people talk. He owns and runs three successful companies and will be very fiscally responsible as a trustee.

– Ginger Underwood (resident)

One of [Brent’s] most enduring characteristics is that he not only is a good listener, but he is extremely concerned with helping others.

– Jerry and Daria Sapp (residents)

Brent is very thorough in working with residents on Village issues. He helps residents understand the Village code and works well with all sides. As a trustee he would listen to all sides and then make a decision that benefits the Village as well as the residents.

– C.W. (resident)

Vote by mail or vote in person. In person early voting starts on Monday, March 22nd. Voting day is Tuesday, April 6th, 2021.